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Private lessons may be available to young students that are truly interested themselves in the instrument, and can make effort and sacrifices to become a musician. Parents must also be dedicated - driving, scheduling lessons and rehearsals, making regular practice happen, paying on time...

Both the student and parent must be interested in the instrument. If you or your student is not dedicated enough for this level of instruction, but still wants private lessons or an orchestra, let me know! I will try to find an appropriate teacher or organization. Many "hobbyist" students have a great time and are well-respected in the youth orchestras they participate in.

The Process
If you and your child are serious about lessons, here's the scoop. Private lessons occur once or twice a week. Students are encouraged to join New Conservatory of Dallas which rehearses Saturday mornings during the school year. Daily practice of at least one hour, depending on level, is required. If you don't have an instrument, inform the teacher before you do anything. Student violins in different sizes (1/16 to full) may cost $300 to $1,000+ or can be rented. Every teacher has their favorite source of strings and repair.
What do you get out of all this?
For you, a thinner wallet. But your kid gets greater self-esteem, discipline that can be applied to other subjects, more brain activity (e.g. "Mozart effect"), precision, a knowledge of classical music and more importantly friends that have similar interests! Better than watching TV. And cheaper than bailing them out of trouble later.
Choosing a teacher

How does one choose a teacher? Don't go by price alone! You can find cheaper teachers, but you get what you pay for. Every teacher has her specialties and strengths. Not every good player can teach. It takes pedagogical training to teach well. Chemistry and personality must match. Most teachers have expertise at a certain level or age student. When the student "outgrows" them, they pass the student onto a different teacher.

Word-of-mouth and referrals from school music teachers are how most teachers get their students. Not a yellow page ad or music stores!


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